Mosaic Vision exists to restore the lives of AIDS orphans in Uganda

We believe no child should suffer alone in desperation because their parents died.
We believe God has called humankind to intervene and protect orphans.
We believe orphans should have a voice.
We believe orphans deserve to be protected.
We believe orphans deserve to have a childhood like other children.

Our Mission

“AIDS orphans and widows are the untold pandemic of the AIDS crisis. I heard that we were to be a mosaic of people with different gifts and talents coming together to serve the Lord. ”

~ Dr. Shannon Irvine, Founder of Mosaic Vision

Our mission is to restore the childhoods of AIDS orphans in Africa, because God has called us to intervene, and protect orphans and widows in their distress.

Mosaic Vision partners with the local church. It is our desire that when these children think about where their help comes from, they look to the Lord. Each child has the opportunity to participate in his or her local church and annual discipleship retreats. We also bring teams over from the U.S., UK, AU, and NZ to build up the children in their faith.

Mosaic Vision’s guiding principles are:

  • Promoting stability: Children are kept in their homes.
  • Putting family structure back together: Widows or elderly grandparents are hired to move in and help children become a whole family again.
  • Working with and through local churches: Sharing the Love and Grace of Jesus and pointing them to Him.
  • Building community and support: Orphans are in a Mosaic Vision community of children who have the same experiences.
  • Promoting self-sufficiency: Kids are taught – raised – and loved, as we would want for our own children. They are not given a handout, but a hand up, so they become self-sufficient.
  • Impacting the future: They grow to be fulfilled, loved and part of the solution, as adults in their community.

Our Holistic Impact

On average, 40 or 50 children arrive weekly at the church seeking help. Through child sponsorship and church partnership, along with our Mosaic Vision staff, we have helped over 500 children and growing. Mosaic Vision brings on whole families of orphans, not just the youngest one or two. This allows families to stay unified and helps care for those who are older and are in desperate need of love and care, too. We see a child as a whole child. We serve them deeply, as we would our own children, if they were to lose us. We provide homes, healthcare, clean water, food, medical, social, emotional and spiritual support in a holistic and sustainable manner. This allows the whole child to develop into a loving and capable young adult that can do what he or she was called to do with passion and integrity.

If there is not an elder grandparent, we hire widows to move into the homes for a small salary and a bigger calling to love these children as their own. This stabilizes the family in a more natural and African way – allowing these orphans to become kids again.

Here’s the story of two … A pastor began to tell me about Daniel and Dorcus, who had been alone without their parents for over four years in the middle of the Ugandan Bush. They were truly destined to abject poverty, rejection and ultimate death. Dorcus was HIV positive, yet without HIV medication, because she lacked a caregiver that could administer it per government regulation. Both kids had dropped out of school. The church did what it could, but with millions of orphans, it wasn’t much. All their animals had been stolen except one goat that they now kept inside their hut.

We found a sponsor in the U.S. for $90 a month, then hired a widow to move into their home. We sent them back to school. We got them medical care. We provided community and discipleship and most of all we shared LOVE. We built a water well at their house and set concrete, virtually eradicating the disease that was plaguing their health. We worked through the partnership of the local Ugandan church, so they would look back and thank the Lord for their help. They began to become kids again. Now Daniel has earned a Social Justice degree, and is in pursuit of his master’s degree, while starting a poultry farming business. Dorcus is in her last year of trade school for tailoring, and is seeking to start a business upon graduation. Her health is steady, and she is strong.