Our Work

How Mosaic Vision fulfills the mission

  • Orphans are kept in their homes – This encourages community relationships and ties.
  • Widows or elderly grandparents are hired to move in an help children become a whole family again – Stabilizes and promotes the entire family
  • We help the children resume and succeed in their schooling – This act alone helps them envision a future and restores their childhood.
  • The health and well-being of each child is monitored regularly; a child must be healed as a whole being.
  • We work with and through the local church – Sharing the Love and Grace of Jesus through supporting the local church builds community and spiritual connection.
  • Orphans become part of a Mosaic Vision community of children who have the same experiences – This builds a sense of belonging, fellowship and support
  • The kids are raised as we would our own children. – We strive to recognize, encourage and support who God has designed them to be; unique and fully equipped individuals who can not only sustain themselves but contribute to the community at large.
  • These children grow to be adults who know how to love, live and give in a God-honoring way – IMPACTING the future!

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