Make a difference before breakfast

Did you know that you could make a difference to a child before you even have breakfast? Each cup of coffee could change a child’s life on the other side of the world. Take a sip, and then share good, one cup at a time with others.

Statistics report that 100 million Americans drink coffee daily, but how many can say they know exactly where their coffee is grown? Or how many people know the name of the young person growing their coffee?

Mosaic Vision is committed to supporting the process of individual effort and growth through training and opportunities.

“Sustainable development recognizes that growth must be both inclusive and environmentally sound to reduce poverty and build shared prosperity for today’s population and to continue to meet the needs of future generations. It must be efficient with resources and carefully planned to deliver immediate and long-term benefits for people, planet, and prosperity.” ~World Bank

According to Global Forum of Agricultural Research ( “Agriculture is the mainstay and the most important sector of the Ugandan economy. Coffee has been Uganda’s most important export crop since it overtook cotton in the 1950’s. In Uganda 9.7% of coffee grown is from the Southwestern region.”

Agricultural Impact (COFFEE)

Moving from a culture of dependence to independence, Mosaic Vision challenges our children to provide for themselves and their future families. Some go to university or trade school and start a career. Others are blessed to have the skills of agriculture and local crafts that have been passed down through generations in Uganda. We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit!

We have started two main programs under the umbrella of micro-finance:

  1. Coffee: Our families that choose to participate are given coffee seedlings and training to plant and cultivate shade grown mountain coffee. We work with a local roaster and packing company in Kampala to export the coffee to the U.S., AU and abroad. It is through this project that the families pay it forward, giving seedlings to the next group of participants. This affords families a future by generating income from the land where they live.
  2. Tailoring, Textiles, Baskets and Jewelry: This is a new program in which we work with women in the area teaching the art of paper bracelets and basket weaving.