Get Involved

Help AIDS Orphans of Uganda Be Kids Again

Orphan sponsorship starts when someone like you chooses to make a difference for just $45 monthly, and impact the life of an orphaned child in Africa, who has lost his or her parents to AIDS.

Volunteer and Advocate

The body of Christ working together is a beautiful thing to behold. Use your specific God-given talent to make an incalculable difference in the body called Mosaic Vision. When you commit to just one of these needs, you are a voice saying to a child, “I want you to live, because I love you, and you are precious in the eyes of the LORD!”

Immediate Needs:

  • Orphan Sunday Church Representative
  • Social Media Manager
  • Web Manager
  • Church Relations Liaison: Involve your church in what you’ve learned, and share more about Mosaic Vision Ministries.
  • Donor Liaison: Speak to audiences and individuals about Mosaic Vision Ministries and its work.
  • Jump in: Participate in activities, such as the golf tournament, when in your area.
  • Advocate: Get involved and learn more about what affects the children in Uganda and the world at large, and advocate for their rights.
  • Share Our Heart: Encourage sponsorship from people all around you as the LORD leads you.
  • Buy, Drink & Share Mosaic Vision Coffee: Make known our Mosaic Vision Coffee, which is available in the U.S.
  • Pray: Pray for Mosaic Vision Ministries and its work in Western Uganda. Its founder, sponsors, staff and especially the children for whom God will fulfil His purpose in their lives.

GIVE MONTHLY - Join us in restoring the lives of AIDS orphans all year long.

Drink coffee and help an orphan thrive

Visit Uganda

You will never know if you don’t go. Reading these words can produce a strong reaction in many of our hearts: Excitement, fear, denial and judgment.

But, what if?

  • Those words were designed for you?
  • God wanted to do something so bold in you that it would change your life forever?
  • You could say, “I’ve seen where my money goes. I’ve hugged my sponsored child. I’ve prayed with them in their home.”?
  • Your faith was bigger than your fear?

Mosaic has years of experience and in-country relationships traveling to Uganda.

The trip you take, the one God is calling you to, will change not only your life, but also those you meet in Uganda. Visit your child, see the program you sponsor, walk through small coffee plantations grown by orphans, and pray in person for someone whose life depends on it.

Start an Orphan Sunday at Your Church

”It starts with a prayer and a conversation.” It’s our heart at Mosaic Vision to see churches engage in God’s work everywhere. The opportunity to impact a life begins with someone willing to give us that opportunity.

Orphan Sunday offers an opportunity to bring awareness to the church about the orphans we serve at Mosaic Vision Ministries. We want churches to know the impact that Mosaic Vision is having, so they can join in, encourage more sponsors, and ultimately be the hands and feet of Jesus, as they support the cause for the children in Uganda. Helping those that need it most is a joy and a privilege. Will you join us and help share the love with these children?

It’s easy to get started!
Contact us so we can share how it works and how we will support you.