Namayanja Rose (ID# 519)

$47.00 / month

Rose’s mother abandoned her when she was too young leaving her under the care of her grandparents. The father later died when she was 2 years and since then, the grandparents who are aged and helpless are the ones that have been taking care of her. She says that her dream is to become a nurse.  


  • Age:  13 years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Rank: 41st
  • Grade:  P.7
  • Plans: To go into nursing and mi wifely
  • Church: Kyamakanda C.O.U 
  • Enjoys: singing, dancing
  • Family: 220
  • School:Kyamakanda Primary School
  • Location: 
  • Caregiver:  Grandparents