Katende Sharif (ID# 508)

$47.00 / month

Sharif is the eldest of the three children,  they lost their father in 2010 at such a tender age and were chased together with their mother and she ended up going back to the parents’ home. They currently, stay with his Grandparents and the mother who is blind and can’t sustain the family by her own because she is helpless. S he lost her sight in 2013 during the accident, she is  HIV positive. Sharif hopes to be a doctor one day. 


  • Age:  14 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Rank: 32nd
  • Grade:  S.1
  • Plans: To be a doctor
  • Church: Rukungiri Mosque 
  • Enjoys: football
  • Family: 215
  • School:St. Paul’s Vocational school
  • Location: 
  • Caregiver:  Mother


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