Amanya Juliet (ID# 520)

$47.00 / month

Juliet’s father abandoned the family with 4children, the mother is HIV positive. Their father remarried and chased her after finding out her status. She has nothing at all. The school (Nyakaina) was able to give her a classroom as relief because they had no where to stay. The family is really in dire need. Juliet says that her dream is becoming an accountant. 


  • Age:  10 years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Rank: 14th
  • Grade:  P.6
  • Plans: Accountant
  • Church: Nyakaina  C.O.U 
  • Enjoys:  dancing
  • Family: 221
  • School:Buyanja Modern Kindergarten
  • Location: 
  • Caregiver:  Mother