Ahereza Flora (ID# 010)

$45.00 / month

Flora stays with the caretaker. She is hardworking, focused in class and enjoys her studies. According to her teachers, she is ever active and attentive. She helps the caregiver during holidays to do house chores like digging, cleaning the home. She says that her dream is to become a teacher in the future.

She thanks Mosaic Vision for all the support that has been extended to the family by giving them a caregiver who has been a mother figure to her.

  • Age: 15 years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Rank: 
  • Grade: S.1
  • Plans: N/A
  • Church: Nyamashambu Church Of Uganda
  • Enjoys: Playing net ball
  • Family: 003
  • School: Buyanja Grammar  School
  • Location:  
  • Caregiver: Caretaker