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Donate to where we need it most

Donating to the most needed areas allows Mosaic Vision to be a first responder for the deprived children in these priority regions.

After bringing on sponsored children, the first thing Mosaic Vision achieved in Uganda was building a medical hospital. This hospital performs life-saving surgeries and dispenses the medications that children with HIV need in order to live. This hospital serves the entire community of over 30,000 people. Since the hospital was built, the maternal mortality rate has declined from 30% to 2%, and orphans who used to die without the HIV/AIDS medication now have access to them.

HIV Nutrition & Health

This nutritional program supplements our HIV positive orphans with nutrition that enhances their bodies’ ability to fight opportunistic diseases that plague those fighting the HIV infection. It is the difference between life and death for these little ones.

In East Africa, the effects of HIV/aids are continuing to decimate children’s lives. The impact can be seen clearly in the dull eyes and bone-thin bodies, even the painful deaths of orphans in this community. Mosaic Vision offers life-saving medications to these children, but without the supporting nutrition and health education, the medications are almost worthless.

Will one meal a day and some dirty water nourish a small body for the strength needed to accept the medication, fight the physiological battle and grow as a body should? The anti-retroviral medication is one tool in the fight for survival, but it requires a well-fed and well-trained body in which to work.

Help us FEED HIS SHEEP, so the body and mind can heal, and the heart can believe that there is hope through God’s promises walked out by His people.

Clean Water Project

Imagine if your child needed water and couldn’t get to it. How tragic to “settle” for muddy water, when your child demands water to survive. But that same water could be what kills him or her. The water supply is full of parasites, is muddy, and difficult and dangerous to access.

The clean water project saves children’s lives by virtually eliminating water-born illnesses that kill millions of children each year. One water tank will supply an entire community with clean, pure rainwater to drink, and eliminate the need for children to walk to dirty, parasite-filled water holes three miles from their homes. No longer do they risk getting typhoid and malaria each time they take a drink or have to fear for their safety, while traveling long distances to search for water.

Micro Enterprise

1.3 billion people worldwide are living on less than $1.25 a day. This is a scale portraying the great levels of poverty. In Uganda, by 2012, 67% lived below the poverty line. Yet, their future can be different with the micro-enterprise program.

When the children enter high school, we start career counseling, and help guide them towards what will help them take care of their own families and become self sufficient.

Select micro-enterprise projects we sponsor through your donations include:

  • Coffee growing
  • Tailoring shops
  • Carpentry
  • Mechanics shops
  • Butcher shops
  • Childcare/Nanny businesses

Some of our Mosaic Vision children are very innovative and creative, and if such hardworking entrepreneurs are assisted, they are able to move from dependence to financial self-sustainability. Our micro-enterprise program helps launch small businesses. Once started, each business helps an entire family thrive. The loan will be repaid over time and will fund the next project.


Agricultural projects, such as coffee planting, matoke, Irish potatoes, goats, pigs and cows give children a means for family income that supports their home needs, while attending school, as well as provide a means of support for their future.

Mosaic Vision teaches families to grow healthier by developing food security through provisions of banana seedlings and more productive agricultural practices. We also sensitize the Mosaic Vision families to nutritious, appropriate crops to grow; small animals that are easy to raise; new recipes; and how to cook variations on local recipes, in order to provide more nutritious meals.


Mosaic Vision responds directly to natural and man-made disasters. The two main areas supported by the emergency fund are child abductions and medical emergencies.

Child abductions for the sex trade are always a high risk, especially for our girls. The witch doctors still advise men to sleep with a young virgin to cure AIDS, so protection of our children is an emergency, as well.

School Uniforms and Mosquito Nets

Providing school uniforms gives a child the same confidence to enter school as other children. They help return their dignity, and allow them to be like every other child.

Whereas, providing mosquito nets for children saves lives. Every bed needs a net. Without these nets, children are exposed to malaria, which is spread by mosquitos. Every year millions of children die from complications from malaria.

Counseling Center

The majority of orphans affected and infected by HIV/AIDS are subject to abject poverty with no one to turn to. Some resort to drug addiction, alcoholism or sexual perversion, because they are craving love, acceptance and whatever else the world presents to them. Once we have a counseling center, these children can rehabilitate in a place where they can be sheltered from such destructive influences, while receiving help from professional counsellors to preserve lives for the glory of God.


What sponsorship provides:

  • A Caregiver moving into the home and providing a stable and loving environment. This may be an outside adult, widow or a family member.
  • Education to support a better future. School fees are provided so children can return to or begin school.
  • HealthcareHIV medications (if positive), regular medical check-ups and HIV testing, vaccinations, and healthcare education to help stay well.
  • Household supplies and training as support. Many children were abandoned before they learned the basics of caring for themselves and a family.
  • Mentorship by one of our trained staff and committee members.
  • Discipleship by our staff in partnership with the local church community leaders.
  • Regular home visits by our staff to oversee progress and assess need
  • Agricultural training and support to encourage food security and independence
  • Community as a means to show what Christ meant when He said they shall know us by our LOVE. These orphans have lost all who loved them, and they need to know that their sponsors, church and community love them. This includes celebration days and also provides the loving care of our church partners and Mosaic Vision staff.
  • Agricultural and Micro Enterprise offers training for older kids to help them become self-sufficient young adults. Coffee planting participation in Mosaic Vision coffee, as well as goat, pig and cow farming, plus other projects appropriate for each family.
  • Leadership Development – Trade School and University for those who qualify and are sponsored at that level.


The joys of sponsorship:

  • Choose an orphaned girl or boy for an ongoing commitment of $55 each month. You are the only sponsor for this child.
  • You’ll receive a packet with special photos and more. Then, your child will send you a personal letter.
  • Watch your child and community grow. You can send letters, cards, photos and more in flat envelopes. Even visit!

Ensure the futures of families through their older children in two ways:

Many of the kids will become qualified for trade school to provide for their families after high school. Some will even qualify for university. The level of sponsor commitment is increased and pushes that young adult, as we would, if our own children.

When you change a child’s life by helping him or her learn about the world and themselves, you make a huge impact.

Godfrey, a carpentry trade student, was a capable young man with a love of creating things. College wasn’t his dream, but using his hands not only filled his heart, but could also provide an income with hope for a family in the future. With trade training in carpentry and a small loan for tools, he has not only developed a business that provides for his family, but used that skill to make beds for Mosaic Vision’s orphans. He is now offering training to others like himself. He’s passing on the generosity that was started by someone who said, “I believe in you.”

Mosaic Vision is called to restore the lives of Aids orphans. In order to do that with excellence, upon sponsoring a child you are agreeing to uphold Child protection, Child Communication, and Child Sponsorship Standards. CLICK HERE TO READ