Mosaic Vision Summer 2023 Newsletter

Dreams and Miracles brought to you by Mosaic Vision Ministries In this newsletter we’ll be exploring stories from our orphans and the Mosaic team in Uganda. Did you know? Uganda is… Very Young! An important fact about Uganda is that the population is young with 55% under the age of 18 years old.. It has […]

Mosaic Vision Spring 2022 Newsletter

‘Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we shall reap a harvest if we do not give up’ Galatians 6:9 Dear friends, partners, sponsors of Mosaic Vision, this letter comes especially for you from the Mosaic Vision Uganda team. First, here’s a special message from Mrs. Mackline S., the […]

It Matters to Brian

Reported by Catherine Kabarebee, staff leader Brian joined Mosaic Vision in March 2007. He was in primary six, when his parents died. Brian’s grandmother cared for him, his siblings and cousins, a total of eight grandchildren amid many difficulties. A soft spoken, genuine, and calm young man, Brian never had a disciplinary issue, either at […]

Complacence to Passion: The Journey of a Sponsor CHAPTER 4 – Going Deeper

It is hard to remember the time “BD,” now.  That’s “before Damari.” So much has happened over the past few years since we began sponsoring her.  The Mosaic staff has been very helpful in keeping us informed about her progress and her needs. We are so proud of our daughter (that is truly how we […]

Complacence to Passion: The Journey of a Sponsor CHAPTER 3 – Engagement

I have asked my family to be part of this sponsorship – to keep this young girl, Damari, in their prayers.  Her picture is prominently displayed on our refrigerator. We have been sponsoring her for a couple of months now, but we don’t know much about her other than the information included in the sponsorship […]