See How We Started…..

The genesis for Mosaic Vision ministries came directly to our founder Shannon Irvine through an experience while in the backcountry of Uganda in 2005.  Through a series of conversations with local leaders she learned of the tragedy of “child-headed homes”, something we in the West have a hard time imagining.  The death of both parents due to HIV Aids left children of ALL ages alone, unprotected, completely vulnerable to the dangers around them.  This is the reality of an orphan in Uganda:

  • A child of 11 is now the provider and protector of the family of 3 younger siblings
  • A young boy of 9 nurses his mother who is dying of Aids while he tries to care for his sisters.
  • All children have to drop out of school for lack of fees, clothing, supplies
  • No readily available food, walking miles alone for water, zero access to healthcare for any reason
  • Often shunned by many in the community around them
  • Completely exposed to adult sexual predators, thieves, kidnappers with no recourse

As God led Shannon to envision and develop a culture of love, care, protection and training for these children Mosaic Vision Ministries was born.  Others began to come along side of her and the seed God planted, the vision that He gave her is NOW.

Welcome to Mosaic Vision Ministries

The Founder’s Story

I was born Shannon, a baby girl like millions of others born that year. My childhood was both wonderful and horrible, as I was abandoned by my father, first as a one year old, then again at the crucial age of 12. Those two events would forever impact my life.

Even as I grew and succeeded in life the depth of the broken and unworthy feeling that came from my father’s abandonment colored everything I did. I leaned toward a driven sense of perfection.

A successful career and entrepreneurship filled my life with excitement and material things. I was good at what I did and loved what it brought me but I could not fill the hole in my heart.

I “ran into God” as a young teen but He seemed like the distant, untrustworthy father I still didn’t have so I was unable to give the relationship what it deserved.  But God never let go of me. He stayed close to me as I lived largely in the world. Finally, at 29 years old, I gave up to Him completely.  Because I wanted to serve Him I threw myself into the mission field where I saw that there were MILLIONS of children, broken and abandoned like me.  This was truly how God would use the tragedy of my own life to connect me to the tragedies of orphans everywhere.  I knew that the world needed to KNOW these children and, that they deserved to be loved and to know that God loved them also.

My entrepreneurial spirit was eager to try something new but a non-profit venture with very little support seemed like a big scary thing. How would it be possible to impact ALL of those children?

As God began to show me bits and pieces, ultimately leading me to Uganda in 2005, I realized that my personal experience of abandonment compelled me to act in spite of my fears. One child at a time, one day at a time, one story at a time, I could make a difference.

This is not really my story. This is a story of redemption through Christ and the power of Him in us. Every child, each of us, has the promise of God lodged deep in their heart. When we allow Him to touch us we are ALL healed.

The Mosaic Vision Team

Global Staff

Keri Moore Director of Operations

Child Sponsor since 2007

Kerry Postal Accountant

Andrea Neville Child Sponsor Liaison

Child Sponsor since 2017

Board of Directors

J. Michael Declues

Managing Partner Declues, Burkett & Thompson, LLP
Sponsor since 2007

Norm Bennett

Owner/President of 24 Carrots Catering & Events
Sponsor since 2015

Kelly Winn-Boaitey

Vocational Consultant and Principal at Kelly Winn and Associates Sponsor since 2007