Mosaic Vision Summer 2023

In this newsletter we’ll hear personal stories of Dreams & Miracles from our orphans in Uganda.

Did you know? Uganda is…

Very Young!

An important fact about Uganda is the youthful population! 55% are under the age of 18 years old! It has the second highest youth population in the world, second only to Niger. 

The elderly population is incredibly low. For example, it is estimated that only about 2% of the population is above the age of 65. 

 One Of The Most Ethnically Diverse Countries 

Diversity is the tapestry of life, and Uganda is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. Some of the largest ethnic groups in the country include Basoga, Banyankole, and Baganda.

 The Host to Endless Refugees

The country might be poor, but they are rich in heart and spirit. Ugandans host more refugees than any other country on the continent. Many of the refugees belong to neighboring countries, such as Sudan. There are more than 1,529,903 refugees in the country as of now. The number is increasing each year.

Incredibly beautiful and lush

Known as the “Pearl of Africa” Uganda boasts a unique landscape, topography and protected wild life that make it a great place for tourists.

A Day in the Life of an Orphan – Just one day… every day

  • An orphan usually eats only one meal a day consisting of matoke….if they can get it. Posho (like corn meal), ground nuts (peanuts), and any meat at all is a rare luxury.
  • Many sleep directly on the ground covered with a torn linen. The life of a foam mattress on the ground is less than one year.
  • Every child works as soon as possible in whatever way they are physically able.
  • Most children will walk an hour or more each way to get water  EVERY DAY.

Stories from our orphans

Meet Paul

Paul joined Mosaic Vision in 2017. With his father dead and mother suffering from HIV/aids he was the man of the house at eleven years of age, helping to care for his mother and sister. Working in and gleaning from other people’s gardens helped sustain them. When they were brought into the Mosaic program the blessing of emotional support as well as paid school fees lifted the entire family and dreams began to take shape. During Covid lockdown Paul learned to repair shoes so was able to earn a little for food for his family.

Paul attended church from the age of seven and always had a passion for serving and helping others. He was known to be especially helpful to the elderly, carrying water, digging for food, praying for them without regard for their religious beliefs.  The Mosaic staff mentored him, prayed with him and encouraged him. He did so well in his service to the church that he was soon promoted to Vice President of his co-ed youth group, performing acts of service for the church and the surrounding community.

Paul’s passion for his faith became clear. He decided he wanted to join the seminary and study for the priesthood. When he was of age to attend high school,  the Mosaic staff helped him to apply for admittance and requested sponsor support to fund his studies. Not only did he pass the interviews but his sponsor agreed to support Paul through to completion. In his world these two things were miraculous! His dream of commitment to serve his faith was about to come true.

God hears our prayers and knows our hearts. He heard Paul’s and used his sponsor to make it a reality.

Meet Rachael

Rachael and her siblings were taken into Mosaic Vision in 2013. She was one of 6 children being raised by a mother who is HIV positive. The father abandoned his family early on leaving them to fend for themselves.

The ailing mother struggled daily to provide for the six children as she battled her own illness.  School fees often fell second to the priority of finding food but somehow Rachael was able to go to school up to primary 6. There was never any assurance they could afford the fees from year to year and NO hope of progressing beyond the primary level.

As the family began to stabilize under the care of Mosaic another tragedy struck.  In 2016 the small house they were living in caught fire and they were left in the dirt, no possessions. Mosaic Vision came along side them, providing emotional support, emergency needs and enough materials for the house that they were able to rebuild a temporary structure with a metal roof.  The mother has also slowly regained some health, now on antiretroviral medication provided through our partnership with TASO (The Aids Support Organization). All six of the children are sponsored and in school, doing well and feeling cared for.

Rachael has always been known as a “jolly” girl although reserved, very hardworking and smart. She’s done well in school despite harsh circumstances and even from an early age held the impossible dream of going to university.  Her grip on that dream, in the face of no idea how, eventually came to pass in 2022 when three donors agreed to fund her school fees at Uganda College of Commerce. 

There is power in our hopes and dreams. There is power in the unity of heart to help one another. There is power in generosity that can be measured in generational change.

Hear it in Rachael’s own words:   

“I humbly appreciate you for the efforts, love and care you have rendered to me from time I joined Mosaic up to this age. May God bless you.

I joined Mosaic Vision in 2013 when I was 13 years old. They picked me up while I was in primary 6 and changed my life to the level of getting a diploma in Business Studies with accounting option.

Before joining Mosaic I didn’t have any hope of going to secondary level (high school) because even school fees for primary level were hard to find. After joining Mosaic God gave me hope for secondary level and by His grace, through your efforts, I have managed to get to the Uganda College of Commerce for a degree in Business studies.

I thank you for being there for me in each and everything I have been doing. It’s through your efforts and God’s will. I sincerely thank you for the second life you have given to me and my family. We are six children and I am the third born and the first to reach this level of school. I greatly receive the love, care and efforts you have given me. May the Almighty God reward you abundantly.”

Stories through photos…

Ashavin before his sponsorship
Ashavin after his sponsorship
One of our Mosaic children writing to her sponsor
Mosaic sponsored children attending school
Before: Children starting school
After: College graduates!

MVM passionately believes that individual attention and a love for children — by their parents and caregivers, people in the local church, and sponsors who deeply care for the children — is vital to their proper and meaningful development. 

Accomplishments over the last 16 years of Mosaic Vision Ministry to the orphans in Rukungiri:

  1. Hired, mentored, trained staff committed to serving children and their care givers.  The staff are passionate about their service and there has been no staff turnover in five years.
  2. Each year we carry out performance reviews on each staff person building weaknesses into strengths.
  3. We’ve built a formidable team that is ready to work beyond their job descriptions. The evidence exhibited during the two years of Covid19 lock down when our staff continued to visit the children in their homes.
  4. Spiritual development through daily devotions and prayers for children and caregivers. Discipleship to children and caregivers, staff retreats and individual participation in church ministries in their local areas has nurtured them spiritually.
  5. Economic development: All staff continue to introduce economic development for each family through growing crops that generate income such as coffee and banana plantations and introducing animal husbandry such as raising goats, chickens, rabbits, cows and piggery.
  6. Addressing health issues by improving health environment in children’s homes such as pit latrines, hand washing, and boiling water for drinking so as to eliminate water borne diseases.
  7. The staff develops by taking the initiative to further their own studies to acquire additional skills that help them address children’s needs more professionally. For example, Catherine and Alex graduated with post graduate diploma in Project Planning and Management, Daniel pursuing M.A Social Work and Social Administration and Phionah pursuing a Master’s degree in Child Development. They were all self-sponsored.

Building sponsor-child relationships

This is evident through the letters that have been written between children and sponsors through the guidance of the MV staff and partner schools.

Building sponsor-child relationship; This is evident through the letters that have been written between children and sponsors through the guidance of the MV staff and partner schools.

There has been great growth and development in all areas since Mosaic’s inception in 2005. We are thankful the story of Mosaic Vision is still being written.

 Thank you Mosaic Vision President Dr. Shannon Irvine and your entire family.

We also appreciate the MVM USA team, the generosity of the sponsors and donors who ensure the children are well cared for and above everyone else, we thank the Almighty whose unconditional love and support we serve and minister to these children! 

Thank you for your time and devotion!

New supplies received at an orphanage that partners with Mosaic Vision Ministries