Mosaic Vision Spring 2022 Newsletter

‘Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we shall reap a harvest if we do not give up’ Galatians 6:9

Dear friends, partners, sponsors of Mosaic Vision, this letter comes especially for you from the Mosaic Vision Uganda team.

First, here’s a special message from Mrs. Mackline S., the Mosaic Vision Uganda Board Chairperson

I wish to acknowledge the Board of Mosaic Vision Ministries especially the USA team under the headship of Dr. Shannon Irvine, founder of Mosaic Vision. As the chairperson for the Board of Mosaic Vision Uganda, I want to acknowledge that many vulnerable children’s lives have been impacted by this project.

Mosaic has restored the lives of children in special circumstances through the power of love of Christ by offering holistic support. Under the leadership and support of the USA team orphans continued to receive all of the necessary support during the Covid 19 pandemic.

 I want to acknowledge and extend my thanks to Mosaic Uganda Supervisor Canon Jacques Masiko for the technical support, his passion and desire to see Mosaic grow with a young enthusiastic staff.

 I am indebted to the committee members for sharing their time in supervising the children. “Stand firm, let nothing move you. Always give yourself fully that your labor in the Lord isn’t in vane” 1 cor. 15:58. 

My appreciation also goes to our USA friends and partners for the unwavering support and the continued encouragement towards our project despite corona pandemic. 

I can’t forget to appreciate all sponsors and donors that provided food relief to the vulnerable children. May God bless you!! “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion…Phil 1:6

Staff Spotlight: Canon Jacques M., Lead Supervisor of Mosaic Vision Uganda

Historical background:

I met Dr. Shannon in 2005 in Colorado Springs at a global retreat. It was at this retreat Dr. Shannon revealed and shared her vision about starting a children’s ministry in Uganda. Every time she prayed, she felt the Lord saying, “Not what are others doing, but what are you doing about AIDS orphans.”

In October of same year, the Lord began invading her prayers with visions of the suffering due to AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. These visions continued until she felt that the Lord was asking her, “How are you going to stand before Me without having tried to help these people?”

That is how Mosaic Vision was founded in faith and as a response to divine challenges and promptings to the needs of children in Uganda and specifically Rukungiri in partnership with North Kigezi Diocese (NKD). 

My role in Mosaic Vision: 

The MVM Supervisor represents Mosaic’s vision, mission and values in collaboration with MVM USA, while at the same time representing Uganda’s unique opportunities and strengths through multiple secular and spiritual partners in Uganda.  The MVM Supervisor also leads through the mentoring and coaching of  our staff, leading and empowering them to implement our vision, mission and core values by “Restoring the lives of children through the power of the love of Christ in a way that leads them to faith in Jesus Christ.

Mosaic Vision Ministry (MVM) is an evangelical, non-denominational, Bible based ministry with a specific focus clearly stipulated in our Vision and Mission statements: 

Vision Statement:

Restoring the lives of children in special circumstances through the power of love of Christ.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to restore the childhoods of vulnerable children who are in special circumstances in a way that glorifies God and leads them to faith in Jesus Christ so that when they look back upon their lives they will say: “With mighty power the LORD brought me out of slavery” (Ex 13:3)

Core Values:

  1. To glorify God 
  1. Be a blessing to others
  1. Minister to the whole person
  1. Nurture self- sustaining Christian adults
  1. Dignity/Each uniquely created with potential 
  1. Foster generational change
  1. Mentoring and role modeling
  1. Respect and maintain family roles
  1. We recognize the church as God’s ordained institution for holistic child development
  1. Provide skills training
  1. We believe in discipleship: God’s Word. These children will have the Lord and his Word as part of the parent/child relationship.
  1. Stewardship and accountability:

MVM passionately believes that individual attention and a love for children — by their parents and caregivers, people in the local church, and sponsors who deeply care for the children — is vital to their proper and meaningful development

Accomplishments over the last 16 years of Mosaic Vision Ministry to the orphans in Rukungiri:

  1. Hired, mentored, trained staff committed to serving children and their care givers.  The staff are passionate about their service and there has been no staff turnover in five years.
  2. Each year we carry out performance reviews on each staff person building weaknesses into strengths.
  3. We’ve built a formidable team that is ready to work beyond their job descriptions. The evidence exhibited during the two years of Covid19 lock down when our staff continued to visit the children in their homes.
  4. Spiritual development through daily devotions and prayers for children and caregivers. Discipleship to children and caregivers, staff retreats and individual participation in church ministries in their local areas has nurtured them spiritually.
  5. Economic development: All staff continue to introduce economic development for each family through growing crops that generate income such as coffee and banana plantations and introducing animal husbandry such as raising goats, chickens, rabbits, cows and piggery.
  6. Addressing health issues by improving health environment in children’s homes such as pit latrines, hand washing, and boiling water for drinking so as to eliminate water borne diseases.
  7. The staff develops by taking the initiative to further their own studies to acquire additional skills that help them address children’s needs more professionally. For example, Catherine and Alex graduated with post graduate diploma in Project Planning and Management, Daniel pursuing M.A Social Work and Social Administration and Phionah pursuing a Master’s degree in Child Development. They were all self-sponsored.

Here’s one final letter, from Mosaic Vision Uganda’s Programs Manager Catherine K.

There is indeed no greater love than the love of Christ that turns what would rather have been left to waste into something worth admirable and honorable. This is I have seen come true in the lives of the children under Mosaic sponsorship for the nine years I have worked with Mosaic Vision Uganda. Mosaic Vision Uganda is an organization with a rare approach in Western Uganda. Mosaic focuses on the holistic ministery to the children and does this to the entire family household leaving no one behind! 

I want to take this opportunity to appreciate friends, sponsors, partners, the local leadership that have supported the effort of responding to the cries of the children here in Rukungiri. We currently serve over 295 families and 653 children. Out of these, over 100 children have graduated with different awards from certificate to Master’s degree.

Cognitively, today we have 9 students in the Universities in Uganda who are pursuing diplomas and degrees in different disciplines. During the lockdown, most of our university students continued to learn virtually. Through sponsors and donors Mosaic USA responded by supporting these university students, giving them computers and data to help during the e-learning program. This was after equipping them with skills in handling and using the computers.

Physical Development; Mosaic continues to partner with hospitals in and around Rukungiri and in Western Uganda to care for the sponsored children’s health.  This is done with the help and support of the child sponsors and donors.

Sponsor gifts; Many children have received different gifts. For some families, shelter has been provided where there was none, pit latrines dug, bibles given, solar panels installed and domestic animals purchased among other things.

Social Emotional; I appreciate the Uganda team who have tirelessly given their time in all circumstances to ensure that the children grow into responsible adults. This is done through making field visits to family homes as well to schools to carry out career guidance as well offer social support.

Caregiver-child relationship; We cannot overlook those that stay with our children. Some of these are well-wishers who barely know the children. For instance, grandparents as well as widows and widowers that Mosaic Vision selects to parent the children who have no one. 

Nutritional Supplements; Mosaic carries more than 32 children living with HIV/AIDS having contracted it from their parents. They are in the Mosaic nutritional supplement program under the health department where children are given specific foods that help boost their immunity. In addition, Mosaic partners with The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) to ensure that the children receive ARVs, are monitored and supervised to ensure they are taking their medication.

In spite of the Covid 19 lockdown, we continued ministering to the children with support from the local government allowing us to use the Mosaic vehicle to get to those children that urgently needed help including taking some to the hospital. 

Meet our Uganda-based staff:

Catherine K. – Programs manager (featured above)

She has served Mosaic for the last nine years. She has a BA in Social Sciences and a Post Graduate diploma in Project Planning and Management. Catherine is a good team leader who has a servant’s heart and a great passion for children. She has led the team for the last 8 and a half years.

Alex T.

Alex T. – Deputy Programs manager

He has served Mosaic for the last 8 years. A former sponsored child of Mosaic Vision, Alex has a BA in Secondary Education as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management. He is a founding member of the Mosaic Vision Alumni Association.

Phionah N.

Phionah N. – Child Development Officer, Health

Phionah has served with Mosaic for 9 years with a deep passion for children. She has a BA in Social work and Social Administration.

Jolkam B.

Jolkam B. – Child Development Officer, SDR

Jolkam has a BA in Social work and Social Administration. He has served Mosaic for 9 years. He has loves to see children grow.

Lord A. – Accountant

Lord has a BA in Business Administration majoring in Finance. Mosaic is happy to have her on board for the last 4 years.

Daniel M.

Daniel M. – Child Development Officer, Programs

Daniel was the first child sponsored through Mosaic Vision and has a BA in Social work and Social Administration. He has been on staff with Mosaic for 2 years.

Building sponsor-child relationships

This is evident through the letters that have been written between children and sponsors through the guidance of the MV staff and partner schools.

Building sponsor-child relationship; This is evident through the letters that have been written between children and sponsors through the guidance of the MV staff and partner schools.

There has been great growth and development in all areas since Mosaic’s inception in 2005. We are thankful the story of Mosaic Vision is still being written.

 Thank you Mosaic Vision President Dr. Shannon Irvine and your entire family.

We also appreciate the MVM USA team, the generosity of the sponsors and donors who ensure the children are well cared for and above everyone else, we thank the Almighty whose unconditional love and support we serve and minister to these children! 

Thank you for your time and devotion and a HAPPY EASTER!.

New supplies received at an orphanage that partners with Mosaic Vision Ministries