It Matters to Brian

Reported by Catherine Kabarebee, staff leader

Brian joined Mosaic Vision in March 2007. He was in primary six, when his parents died. Brian’s grandmother cared for him, his siblings and cousins, a total of eight grandchildren amid many difficulties.

A soft spoken, genuine, and calm young man, Brian never had a disciplinary issue, either at school or through Mosaic Vision. He was committed.

Twelve years later Brian has not only graduated with an honors degree in Economics and Management, but was one of only nine students that graduated from his course.

In his graduation speech, Brian recalled moments when he was desperate,  reciting how the Mosaic Vision staff reached out to his family. Sharing that graduation was the most memorable day of his life, Brian noted that the added attention of celebrating with a party, a great surprise, made him feel even more loved and accepted, giving him an added sense of belonging.

In his words, through Mosaic, Brian was able to grow spiritually; for it is through the discipleship on center days that he gave his life to Christ. He noted that he became respectful through mentorship, gained courage and built his esteem. Consequently, he became a leader at his University, representing his course of study in the Guild Council. Brian remembered that he wrote on his books, ‘I AM A LEGEND OF MOSAIC’, explaining that deep within his heart he felt thankful to Mosaic and wherever he went,  whatever exposure he received, it was attributed to Mosaic Vision.

Brian appreciated Dr. Shannon and Micah Irvine, his beloved sponsor and the Mosaic Vision staff for its continued mentorship and guidance. He believes that Mosaic Vision has done more great work in the lives of children like him.

His grandmother could not hide her joy on the journey to Brian’s graduation.. She noted that this event marked a sign of greater victories to come and has rubbed off her tears after the loss of all her children. She blessed God that Brian’s life made her see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. She thanked Mosaic Vision for enabling her to see this victory and acknowledged her trust in the Lord when she committed her life to Him in 1993, believing greater things are yet to happen.

In his closing remarks, Canon Jacques Masiko, the Mosaic Vision Supervisor, appreciated Brian’s grandmother and encouraged Brian to emulate her perseverance, and fear of the Lord so that he could attain more victories in life.

Thanks to the dear sponsor who spread the love from afar to reach and bless this ‘MOSAIC VISION LEGEND’.