From Abandoned to Beloved: The Journey of an Orphan in Uganda CHAPTER 5 – A Life Transformed

How did God know where to find me? Can you even think how strange it is that this one person saw a picture of me and said “I choose her to be in my heart”? This wonderful family has made sure that I could go to school and have a future, that I would have people looking out for me and keeping me healthy. I am so grateful that I have been “sponsored” but for me the most wonderful thing is that I have been loved, and that I matter to someone. My sponsor will maybe never come and meet me, but that’s okay, because I know that it is possible to love someone you have never seen. Just look at Jesus!

I will soon be making choices about going on with my education. Do you know I have choices! If my marks are good enough I would like to be a teacher. We will see. I will listen to God and to my Aunties! No matter what happens to me for the rest of my life, I never want to forget what it was like in the beginning, and how the kindness of one person can make someone else’s life oh so much better than before. Maybe I can be a kind one who makes someone’s life better! One of the Aunties from Mosaic Vision told me the other day that my life has been “transformed” by being a sponsored child. All I know is that I was an orphan, but now I am loved.

This is the final installment of the Child’s Journey in this series. We hope you have enjoyed this series as it has taken a look at sponsorship from both sides and how it changes the lives of orphans and sponsors.