Complacence to Passion: The Journey of a Sponsor CHAPTER 4 – Going Deeper

It is hard to remember the time “BD,” now.  That’s “before Damari.” So much has happened over the past few years since we began sponsoring her.  The Mosaic staff has been very helpful in keeping us informed about her progress and her needs. We are so proud of our daughter (that is truly how we think of her) – she works hard at school and at home, loves the Lord, and from what we’re told, is now a “joyful” young lady with lots of friends.

We were given an opportunity to have a local man in Uganda build a rabbit hutch for the girls.  He just used some scrap lumber, but I guess it works fine, based on the picture we received. We had sent some extra funds on Damari’s birthday, and she surprised us by buying some breeder rabbits!  So now she is raising them to eat and to sell. She also has a few chickens we helped her get a couple of years ago, so the girls and their “auntie” have more than just matoke to eat. She is now a very healthy girl, and I’m sure the protein is helping to keep her that way.  

I am very excited, and more than a little jealous, because one of our good friends is planning to go to Uganda with some other sponsors and one of the Mosaic US staff! She is actually the friend who first told me about Mosaic and the AIDS orphans, and she has been sponsoring at least one child for over ten years now. Her first child is graduating from senior school, so her sponsorship might end soon, and she wants to meet this young man that has been such an important part of her life for so long. She’s a little scared about the trip but feels like she is being led to see first-hand what the situation is and how she can do more! I am so thrilled that arrangements have been made for her to meet not only her sponsored kids but Damari too. Yay! She’s taking a few small gifts from me to our girl and promises to bring back pictures (and hugs!). I told her I want to contribute to the cost of her trip, and I’m encouraging the others in our Bible study to chip in. By having some stake in her trip we can share her heart.

I can hardly wait to hear all about it when she gets back. We have been invited to the annual Mosaic Vision fundraiser, too, and I am going to take my sister and her husband with me. I have invited my boss, and her husband may join us as well. Keeping my fingers crossed on that.