From Abandoned to Beloved: The Journey of an Orphan in Uganda Part 2

From Abandoned to Beloved: The Journey of an Orphan in Uganda

CHAPTER 2 – I have a Sponsor!

A woman came to our house one day.  At first, my sister and I hid, because we did not know her, but then we heard her soft voice telling us not to be afraid, so we went out to meet her.  She said that she was part of a group of people who work to help orphans like me and my sister. She told us that God loves us and that there are people in America who want to help us!  America! Why would they want to help me?

We talked for a long time.  I even forgot to be nervous.  She explained that God wants people to care for others who are in need, like us, and that some people will help us go to school and be healthy and to have some food and to learn about God.  I am telling you, my eyes got big when I was hearing her.

She asked about my mum and dad, and if there was anyone older who was taking care of us.  No, no, no, I said, we take care of ourselves. She asked if she could take my picture, and I was nervous but said okay and I stood in front of our house.  My little sister stayed inside, but I know she was looking around the door when the woman had her camera!

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