From Abandoned to Beloved: The Journey of an Orphan in Uganda CHAPTER 4 – I Am Growing Up

So, I have been in Mosaic Vision for a few years now. I am writing this journal by myself these days, and in fact, I have moved from Primary to Secondary level in school. And guess what? My little sister also now has a sponsor through Mosaic Vision! Praise the Lord! She is going to school and doing very well since I can help her learn quickly.

At home, we are now raising rabbits and growing maize and millet in our small garden. I hope to sell some rabbits and buy a goat so we have milk too. That would be a blessing for us, for sure. The Auntie that came to live with us is very kind, and not too old. She can carry the water now so we can go to school. She has a son, but he lives far away now, so she likes caring for us.

The aunties from Mosaic are making sure that I study the Bible, and every time I write a letter to my sponsor I like to share the verse that I am remembering. My favorite one is Matthew 19:14 that says “Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’” It reminds me that before, I was a little child and did not know Jesus.

I have many friends at school, don’t you know, and even two best friends. We sit together on our meal break and we enjoy to sing and dance with each other. We are good students together.

Do you know, some people came from America to see us! They are sponsors of Mosaic orphans. My sponsor did not come, but her friend did, and I got to visit with her and receive some gifts my sponsor sent with her friend! It was a wonderful day, for sure. We were all happy and blessed that these mzungus came all the way from America just to see us. Who could know they would do that! Oh yes, mzungu is just our word for people who are not African.

Sometimes I remember how my life was before I was sponsored. I was afraid, mostly. And hungry. It is good to remember, and I thank God for looking at me.