From Abandoned to Beloved: The Journey of an Orphan in Uganda CHAPTER 3 – My Life is Different Now

The Auntie from Mosaic Vision took me to a health clinic.  The doctor looked me over and gave me some medicine in case the malaria came back.  Then she said I was okay to go to school!

I was so excited, but school was not meeting at the time.  I had to wait two weeks before it started, but now I am there and I am already learning many things.  I am learning about Jesus, too. He said many wonderful things, and he especially cared about people like me and my sister.

The most exciting thing has now happened.  I received a letter from my sponsor in America!  She sent me a picture of her family and told me that she is praying for me and wants me to study hard and to love Jesus.  The Auntie from Mosaic read the letter to me, and told me I could write one back to my sponsor. She helped me write the letter, and I drew some pictures on the paper.  I drew a cow, and some trees, and told her thank you and I am praying for you and your family. My, my. I felt very grown-up. It was the first letter I ever got, and the first one I ever wrote.

Some of the people in the village near my house look at me differently now.  They see me going to school in my uniform and even wearing shoes. They are not throwing sticks at me and my sister anymore.  We don’t have anyone coming to live with us yet, so our life is still so hard, but there is one big thing that is different. I pasted the picture my sponsor sent up on the wall inside our house.  I look at it all the time and I remember that she said that she loves me, and I feel so happy.