Complacence to Passion: The Journey of a Sponsor Part 2 – The Decision

I wasn’t sure this was something I wanted to get involved in, but you know how things work – I could NOT get those orphans out of my mind.  I committed to pray about it every day for a week, looking for guidance and really taking a look at my life and how I was or wasn’t serving God.  I go to church, I give my full tithe, and once a month I serve as a greeter before services. I’ve been pretty sure that I am doing my part. Then the pastor’s words from the other week really started to nag at me; “…to look after widows and orphans in their distress.”  That’s what God says is acceptable religion.

Once my week of prayer and reflection was over, the answer was obvious.
Yes, the money each month would represent a change in my budget, but it’s not a big change, and at any rate, it feels right.  Really, when was the last time I had actually sacrificed anything for my faith! There are lots of organizations working with orphans, but my friend was so positive about her experience with Mosaic Vision that I decided to give them a try first.  I went on their website, read some stories, looked at their Facebook feed, and with my heart beating a little faster than normal, sent off an email asking for information on how to start, what the process was, etc.  The next day I received a callback and had a long chat with a staff person who had the answers to my questions and had a few of her own: “How had I heard about Mosaic? Did I understand that my decision to sponsor an orphan represented a commitment?  Did I have a preference for a boy or a girl? What age child would I like to sponsor?” I was shown several photos of kids waiting to be sponsored.
I decided to let the Mosaic staff give me some direction.  I replied, “I know all these children are in need of help, but is there one whose situation is more desperate than the others?”  I was told one of the girls had just been identified by the staff in Uganda as a priority, and that I would get an email with her photo and a short report on her situation. The girl’s name was Damari.  I took one look at the picture of her…..barely smiling, in front of a mud and stick hut, and just knew in my heart she was the one. After a quick enrollment, I became her sponsor.

I immediately sat down and wrote her a letter.  I included a picture of our family, and told her about where we live.  I told her just how happy we were to have her in our lives, and that we would pray for her.  Still, at this point, she is just a person we are helping, a distant new element in our thoughts. Little did I know, or even suspect, that my life would never be the same.