A Life Revived


This is Revival. She is the middle sister in a family of 5, orphaned and living alone, being cared for by the oldest brother. As a girl of 10, she was initially shy and quiet but so clearly wanting to be loved and noticed.

Revival and her sponsor established a letter writing relationship that flourished through the years. Those letters and occasional visits were just the things Revival needed to fill the parental hole in her heart. The encouragement she received helped her to see that even an orphaned girl-child has value, worth, hope and a future in God’s eyes AND in the world!

Revival studied hard in school with full and regular support and encouragement by the Mosaic staff in Uganda. The staff was there for the kids when they were sick, worried about how to eat, nervous about their studies. They showed the children how to plant and maintain their land to be self-sustaining. Revival was fully engaged and absorbed everything! She showed herself to be a young girl with a good work ethic and an understanding of what it means to be gifted with sponsorship through Mosaic Vision. She grew in confidence through her years in Mosaic Vision and we began to see what it looks like when you nurture the human spirit.

Today, Revival is an up-and-coming young woman, has completed her high school years and is now moving into trade school. She wants to be a plumber working in her community and we believe she will accomplish just that!  We have seen her grow from shy, quiet, unknown to joyful, poised and confident.

When we tell someone “YOU ARE WORTH IT” then often they begin to see that as truth.  

We celebrate Revival and the hard work she’s done through the opportunities offered through Mosaic. And we believe she will impact others in the same way.