Out of Shame and Slavery Will I Rise

Sarah F#94 C#279 lost both her parents and was left in the hands of the grandmother together with her 2 siblings; one younger  and another whom she is older. Unfortunately, Sarah unlike her siblings has mental retardation. Due to her state, she has gone through a lot of rejection at her home, around her own peers a school and he community at large. She has been made fun of due to her state. She is now 15 and has been in primary one for over 7 years.

‘Wherever you are, whoever you are, the grace of God is able to ‘dig’ you out’.

In February 2014, Mosaic Vision Field staff went to Sarah’s home as they registered orphaned and vulnerable children to be sponsored. Other children were shown to us but Sarah. As some of the MVM field staff were sharing with some community members, someone said that in that family where we are, there is a needy child but who wasn’t brought and was kept behind the house. The family was requested to bring her and there she was…chosen, fearfully and wonderfully made of the Lord-Sarah Niwamanya.

F#94 C#279 Sarah
Above is F#94 C#279 Sarah at the time of registration

Sarah was immediately taken up for sponsorship and has been sponsored since then to date. Sarah’s living conditions were so terrible and after she was registered, through MVM Program’s department, Sarah was assisted and given basic needs which included a mattress, bed sheets, blanket among other items. Sarah started being recognized at home and by her peers. She always put on more less like rugs as she went to school and MVM got her a school uniform so she can be identified as a school child.

However for the 2 years she has been in the project, her cognitive development has been very shallow. Not only cognitively but even in other spheres of development. For instance, she  is an adolescent and experiencing different puberty changes but she is unable to help herself as far as cleanliness and general health care are concerned. During school and home visits, Sarah has been found very dirty and smelly which implies that she may not even be bathing or if she does, not to cleanliness.

In all, Sarah has been very limited as regards to adaptive behavioural growth.

Through the education department of MVM and with the help of the sponsors, early 2016, Sarah was assisted to join Kampala school of the Handicapped where we believe Sarah shall receive the right support and shall be able to blossom. Sarah isn’t a shame or a disgrace but rather a blessing and a light of what the mercy of the LORD can do to her family and to us.

Thanks to the sacrificial and generous giving that makes this MIRACLE happen!!!