Nsenga Hilary’s success story

nsenga-hilaryI am called Nsenga Hillary, I was born in 1991 to Mr. Bruno Nsenga and Mrs. Kyomugisha Sicola in Rukungiri district. Am the last born in the family of of three boys. I never got a chance to know my father as he passed away one year after I was born, so i was brought up by my mother together with my two brothers, that is hakizimana cleophas and halelimana Alex.

We grew up in rukungiri, just a few meters from from the town in kifunjo village where our mother built a home. When I was in primary four my mother relocated to Kampala and hence I left with her. I joined kyag0we road primary school to continue with my primary education.

Unfortunately my mother passed away in January 2004 at nyakibale hospital. This was a turning point in our lives as she was our lifeline. She had solely been responsible for me and my brothers, we depended on her for almost everything from food to school fees, we all knew that life was gong to be very difficult. Our relatives decided to help us continue with our education. My paternal uncles were to help my elder brother while my maternal uncles were to help me and my second brother Alex.

They took me to mitoooma where I finished my primary education, however I learnt that the burden of my school fees had been left to only one person who also told me that his support would end with my primary education. During my primary seven vacation I met with my brothers and decided that we should sale a plot of land in order to facilitate our education, however this was not sustainable as we all still had a very long-way to go as far as our education was concerned. Nevertheless we sold a piece of land as we had no other alternative and I joined st, Gerald’s nyakibale for my senior one. During my first term holidays a group of people visited our home and thy turned out to be from Mosaic Vision Ministries, they asked a few questions and I can say this was another turning point in my life. Life was never going to to be the same, after a few weeks they offered to pay school fees for not only me but also my brother Alex. From senior one second term they started paying my school fees and have never looked back. Under their sponsorship I have obtained a certificate in ordinary level, an advanced level certificate and of recent I obtained a certificate in Food processing from Kyambogo university. There are no words to describe how grateful I am for Mosaic as sometimes I imagine how life would have been without Mosaic, I can’t tell but all I can say is thank you God and thank you mosaic.

I graduated with a certificate in food processing from kyambogo university in January 2015,am so grateful for all these many years mosaic has supported me and I look towards their continued support as I also applied for a diploma course in food processing technology at kyambogo university. I once again would like to say than you to Mosaic Vision Ministries, all the sponsors and the wonderful staff, you are indeed life savers.

Long live Mosaic Vision Ministries and Glory be to GOD,
Nsenga Hillary.