Just a Little Tenderness!

Tayebwa Dickson was born crippled and as a result, he was rejected and abandoned by his family including his own biological parents as well as his peers. His father is a drunkard and his mother left him when he was still very young. The father then married another wife who as well later left him. Unfortunately, all these happened at the extent of Dickson’s life. He was always left to cripple around the home and he couldn’t even play with his peers because they too rejected him.

One day, one of the Mosaic field staff had gone visiting one of the Mosaic families when he met Dickson and it there that the Lord laid a burden upon his heart to advocate for the life of Dickson.

Through the Emergency Section, Dickson joined Mosaic. Immediately a school more friendly to Dickson’s state was identified and through the generous gifts from the sponsors, Dickson was able to join Kampala School of the Handicapped which is located in Kampala Central Uganda; a school that has all the facilities to help children with impairments.

We also were able to identify one of Dickson’s reliable and God fearing relatives who is his Paternal Auntie who is currently staying with Dickson and is very caring to him as Dickson testifies today of the same.

Today, Dickson confidently and joyfully associates with his peers both at school and at home. He is known to be friendly and social both at school and at home. His movement has improved with the support of the school’s physical therapy.

F#36 C#133 Tayebwa Dickson

Dickson has received enormous love from his mother and sponsor Brynn who has continually spared a lot of time to write to him as well as visit him here in Uganda. This among others have brought life meaningfully in Dickson’s life. He is a promising young man whom we believe will be able to support himself in the near future. Long live sponsorship, long live Mosaic Vision Ministries. Indeed, Sponsorship changes Lives!

F#36 C#133 Tayebwa Dickson (2)
Dr. Shannon having quality time with Dickson.
Dickson’s mum and sponsor Brynn shares a special moment with Dickson.
Dickson’s mum and sponsor Brynn shares a special moment with Dickson.