Called out of despair!

Akampurira FortunateAkampurira Fortunate is a young girl of 12 years and is in primary three (P.3). She lost her parents at such a tender age and was left with no one to care. She started wandering from home to home and worst of it all, sleeping on a hungry stomach regularly.

When she was 9 years old, Fortunate was taken by one she thought was a concerned and caring person. This was miles away from her home area and she was assured of education and a better future. On the contrary, she was subjected to hard labor as she turned into a house helper who never got a chance to attend school. Fortunate lived with this family for 2 horrible years and started wishing she was back in her village as wandering was far better than the life she struggled to live by. Fortunate recalls at one point, when she was almost tore apart by wild animals because of the unsafe environment and house they were staying.

Lucky enough, she was brought back to the rift valley where she was picked by a well-wisher and a widow (with no relation at all but just had compassion) and started staying with her but couldn’t afford to cater for Fortunate’s educational needs because she had her own children and worse still living with HIV/AIDS hence finding it hard to fend for all the children.

It is at this same time that one of the partner pastors with Mosaic Vision Ministries identified her and Fortunate was immediately selected and enrolled into the program for sponsorship.

Fortunate was immediately resettled back in school with all scholastic materials and all basic needs to assist her in her new home and she is assured of medical support when needed.  Fortunate received Christ as her Lord and Savior and whenever she gets an opportunity, Fortunate always testifies of the goodness of the LORD especially amongst her peers.

Today, Fortunate is a very optimistic and confident young girl and as she always says it as she testifies of the Lord, ‘The LORD delivered me out of the mouths of wild animals!’

There are more ‘Fortunates’ that await to be called and picked out of despair. This is why Mosaic is in existence, to restore the lives of such children that will later acknowledge that it is because of the power of Christ that they are out of despair. This can be made possible with and by you through Mosaic Vision Ministries. Let’s stand together to help children come out of despair!

Akampurira Fortunate